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Local Resources

Robin Muskal
    Yoga for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms

Breastfeeding Law

Great Articles

How to Choose a Lactation Consultant    
   Facebook post by Norma Ritter, IBCLC
DIY Breastfeeding
    Lots of great videos about various breastfeeding subjects
What IBCLCs do and do not care about
The Problems with Medela
The Magical Hour
Prepare: The Learning Curve of Breastfeeding

General Breastfeeding Information

La Leche League International
Find your local La Leche League Group
DIY Breastfeeding
    Lots of great videos about various breastfeeding subjects
Common Sense Breastfeeding
    Diane Wiessinger’s site
Bright Future Lactation Resource Center 
    Linda Smith’s site

Breastfeeding Inc
    Dr. Jack Newman’s site
La Leche League International’s New Beginnings, 2011, Issue 1
La Leche League International’s New Beginnings, 2011, Issue 2

Special Focus

Adoptive Breastfeeding

At-Breast Supplementation
An article I wrote

Baby Biology
A great article

 Infant Sleep Information Source (ISIS)
    Sleep Lab Research at Durham University in the UK, headed by Dr. Helen Ball
    Supports Dr. Ball’s research
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Policy Statement
An article I wrote for the Huffington Post
A great article by Dr. Ball
A great article by Dr. Mayim Bialik
The Gentle African Way
A great article by a mom
Another great article
A great blog post by a mom
Psychology Today
    Excellent article by a respected researcher
A great collection of research, articles, and resources by Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family


A great article by Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
Birthing While Black
Baby Friendly Hospitals
Doulas of North America
Doreen Maso
Bella Bambini

Breast and Nipple Surgery 
    My site

Body Image
An article I wrote

Balancing Breast and Bottle

Bras and Nursing Clothes
Personally Yours Lingerie in Bedminster, NJ

Breast Compressions

Cancer (Breast) and Breastfeeding

An article I wrote

How to care for an uncircumcised penis

Co-Nursing (Lesbian Families)
A great article by my friend Jaye Simpson, IBCLC
Another great article

Craniosacral Therapy
Leigh Bowen-Muro
CranioSacral Therapy and How it Can Help Breastfeeding Babies

Crying-it-Out Dangers (See “Sleep Training” below)

A great article about higher risk of chronic disease
A great article about gut flora

24 hr Cribside Assistance
    Site for dads, by dads
From A Dad Who Supports Breastfeeding: My Boys Will Be Boob Men
14 Ways for Dads to be Engaged with their Breastfed Babies

    Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (sudden feelings of overwhelming sadness during milk ejection)

Domperidone and Breastfeeding
    by Dr. France Nice
Domperidone on the website (my site)
Domperidone overview on the Auckland, New Zealand, government website
Domperidone statement by Dr. Jack Newman
Consensus Statement on the Use of Domeridone to Support Lactation
    Endorsed by 22 prominent lactation practioners and physicians
Dr. Newman’s response to the FDA warning against the use of domperidone in breastfeeding mothers

Article about hazards
Do Formula Company Ads Influence Doctors?
Advertising strategies
An article I’m quoted in about advertising strategies
Unsolicited donations are dangerous

Hand Expression
Maya Bolman’s video about breast massage
 An article I wrote about The Power of Hand Expression

Home Birth
A great article from Good Housekeeping

Infant Feeding Product Marketing Ethics
International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes

Laid-Back Breastfeeding Position Video
Biological Nurturing
    Dr. Suzanne Colson’s site
WHO breast crawl video

Low Milk Production
    My site co-owned with Lisa Marasco
An article Lisa Marasco and I wrote
A superb journal article by Lisa Marasco
    Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues

    Information database for how certain medications pass into human milk

Milk Properties
A great article

Milk Sharing
A great article by Dr. Karleen Gribble
A great article
Another great article
How to Become a (formal) Milk Donor
Milk for an Older Sick Baby
Eats on Feets
    Woman-to-woman milk sharing on Facebook
Hudson Valley Milk Bank

NJ Parent Link
    Helpful resources for NJ parents
Holistic Moms Network

An interesting article
UC San Diego, CA, Health System
    SPIN: Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition

Public Breastfeeding
 Breastfeeding in Public is an Act of Daily Living
    An article by Amy Nansteel, IBCLC
A great article
Why Nipples are Scandalous
Outlander TV Show Does it Right

Pumping and Hand Expression
Jane Morton’s Stanford University site
Working and Pumping
    Kirsten Berggren’s site

Pumping after Adoption
A great article

Sexuality Education
A great article

Sweet Sleep
    New book by Diana West and co-authors about why bedsharing is safe for breastfeding mothers
ISIS: Infant Sleep Information Source
    Dr. Helen Ball’s Comprehensive Bedsharing Information
Dr. James McKenna’s site
    University of Notre Dame Sleep Lap
Bedsharing and Infant Sleep
Sharing a Bed with Your Baby
    UNICEF handout
Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone: A Review of the Co-Sleeping Controversey in Relation to SIDS, Bedsharing, and Breastfeeding
    Journal article by Dr. James McKenna and Dr. Thomas McDade
Bed-Sharing and Co-Sleeping: Research Overview
    by Dr. Helen Ball
Why Young Children Protest Bedtime: A Story of Evolutionary Mismatch

Sleep Training
Parents Misled by Cry-It-Out Sleep Training Reports
Dangers of “Crying It Out”: Damaging children and their relationships for the longterm
Why Crying it Out is Harmful, Part I
Why Crying it Out is Harmful, Part II
Why self soothing doesn’t work
A great article about alternatives
A great article
Another great article
Parents Against Babywise Facebook Page

A great article

Soy Formula
The National Institute of Enviornmental Health Sciences
Use of Soy-Based Formulas in Infant Feeding from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Support Meetings
    Hackettstown, NJ
NJ La Leche League Meetings
PA La Leche League Meetings

Rethinking Swaddling
The Question of Routine Swaddling

Transgender Issues
 Transmasculine individuals’ experiences with lactation, chestfeeding, and gender identity: a qualitative study
Trevor MacDonald’s blog
Transwomen nursing
A great video

Business Case for Breastfeeding
    US Government information for working mothers and the businesses that employ them
Working and Pumping 
    Kirsten Berggren’s site

Breastfeeding Organizations/Statements

La Leche League International
    Great breastfeeding information and support
American Academy of Pediatrics
    Breastfeeding Policy Statement
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
    Research-based clinical breastfeeding protocols 
ILCA – International Lactation Consultant Association
    Professional organization for lactation consultants
Best for Babes 
    Beating the Booby Traps that keep moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals
American Dietetics Association 
    Breastfeeding Promotion
Baby Friendly USA 
    Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative-BFHI

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